Simple Fall Outfit: Pattern Mixing

Happy Monday! I was able to get in a good nap yesterday, so I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and ready to start my week! (Sunday’s are the only day I am able to relax enough to actually take a nap when my son naps, and I look forward to it all week! Haha). We’ve been checking off items from our fall bucket list! Last week we went to the pumpkin patch and I got some adorable pictures of my son NOT looking at the camera because he was too excited to stop for pictures! But that’s ok, I’m glad he had fun! Continue reading

6 Things I Wish I Knew Before Using Cloth Diapers + Charlie Banana Review

We have been using cloth diapers for a few months now. It’s funny because it really hasn’t been that long since we switched, but it feels like we have been doing it for a long time already. You can read about our switch from disposable to cloth diapers, here. Right after we began using them, Charlie Banana sent us a few of their diapers to try out. Continue reading

{Not} Love at First Sight

Have you ever felt guilty for not feeling a certain way? Have you ever thought you would react a certain way and your reaction was completely different?

Recently someone asked me if I ever experienced postpartum depression and it got me thinking back to those first few days. I do not think that I experienced postpartum depression, at least not in an extreme way, but I did feel guilty. First, let me explain.

when-its-not-love-at-first-sight Continue reading

10 Pieces, 10 Outfits – Fall Wardrobe Remix Challenge

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that I recently did a 10 day fall wardrobe challenge. I mentioned in my last post that I was not going to be posting about my fall capsule wardrobe. I am still doing one this fall, but I was much more lenient about the typical capsule “rules”.

Anyway, I spontaneously decided to join Carolyn, from UnFancy, in her 10 day wardrobe remix challenge. Basically, you choose 10 items that you will make 10 different outfits from over the course of 10 days. I saw this and thought Continue reading

Fall Go-to Outfit

It is officially fall and our mornings have had a little bit of a chill lately! I have even been enjoying a cup of hot chocolate in the evenings after my son goes to bed. However, it is still pretty hot outside during the day (like still in the mid 90s!). I finally put together my fall capsule wardrobe, but decided not to post about it this time. I was not as strict with the usual capsule “rules” and I actually created a two part capsule; the first part for this time of year when it’s fall but its still really hot out (think tee shirts, shorts, and sandals still), and the second part includes more sweaters and cardigans that I can wear once it cools down. Continue reading

Fall Bucket List 2016

Happy first day of fall! I am so ready for the weather to finally begin cooling down! Fall is my favorite season for many reasons…scarves, hot chocolate, apple flavored everything, scarves, cooler weather, have I mentioned scarves yet? 😉

This fall will be my son’s second time experiencing the season (although last year he was pretty little still). There are so many things that I am so excited for him to experience this fall. So, I thought it would be fun to share some things that are on our fall bucket list for this year!

So, here it is!

fall-bucket-list-for-mama-and-toddler Continue reading

Stay-at-Home Mom Morning Routine

I’ve been struggling lately with feeling like myself while trying to balance everything in my life right now. It is especially difficult when a screaming toddler wakes me up in the morning. He used to sleep in more before, but lately he has been waking up very early and he cries the second he wakes up for me to go get him. Waking up to that every morning was wearing me out emotionally.

I am an introvert, so I have noticed that I need some time to myself to “recharge”. With my son waking me up in the mornings, I was no longer getting very much time to myself.

morning-routinepurposeful-planner Continue reading

Birth Story: My First Born (Part 2)

You can catch up on part 1 of my birth story here! And, like I mentioned before, this is a pretty long story and it can get pretty detailed, so if reading about birth is not your thing, then stop now! 😉


I remember at that point, I completely tuned everything out. During this time, I believe I was somewhat “sleeping” in between contractions and would “wake up” right as it began to build. I remember during these particular contractions thinking: Continue reading

Birth Story: My First Born (Part 1)

Since today is labor day, I decided to finally share my son’s birth story (and this gives me a chance to share some maternity photos 🙂 ). He is 18 months old now, so I wrote this a while ago. Just a warning, it is very long! Also, if reading about birth is not your thing, then just stop reading here. 😉 Ok, here it is!

My Natural Hospital Birth Story

Nine at night, the night of my due date, I had my first contraction. Continue reading